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About our Dog Car Seats

About us - ACR Travel Bed founder and her dog Rudi

Dog Car Seat, Carrier & Travel Bed

At Along Came Rudi, our mission is clear: We're here to be the soothing balm for your furry friends' travel-related anxiety and stress. How do we achieve this? With our stylish, safe, and incredibly comfortable car seats that are designed to make every journey a joyous adventure.

Meet Cass & Rudi

I'm Cass, the heart and soul behind Along Came Rudi. I'm a creative who's always knee-deep in some artistic endeavour. But it was my Toy Cavoodle, Rudi, who truly sparked my passion for design in a whole new direction.

Rudi's initial nervousness during car rides made us realise the lack of suitable travel options for smaller pups like her. It was from this concern that the idea of Along Came Rudi was born.

After numerous trials, samples, and creative exploration, we unveiled our perfect Travel Bed – a haven where Rudi could sink into softness and let her worries fade away.

Now, as we embark on our own adventures, Rudi's beloved Travel Bed remains a constant companion. We believe that every journey should be as enjoyable for your pets as it is for you. So, join us in transforming travel experiences, one comfy bed at a time.

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Help Us Create Change

Along Came Rudi proudly donates $5 from the purchase of each Travel Bed to Animal Welfare Organisations in Australia!

Small actions by many people create massive change!

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